...In today’s digital world the pressures on an organisation can come simultaneously from multiple directions including the need to add customers, increase wallet share, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. At Quindell we have the People, the Processes and the Supply Chains, underpinned by our sophisticated ICE Business Process Management Technology Platform and Industry Solutions to help our customers tackle these efficiently and effectively.....

At Quindell we have brought together subject matter experts to both inform and design our leading practice solutions allowing us to be confident in our target to deliver savings of over 20% to the bottom line compared to industry norms.

By taking a broader view of the sales and service challenges faced by our customers Quindell’s combined solutions provide the platform from which they can extend their sales offerings to their customers and improve the level of service they provide.

For example, when considering the Insurance industry today where 50% of the cost of an auto claim is associated with Personal Injury, including legal services, medical reporting and rehabilitation, it is clear that an organisation will not be able to achieve the levels of savings and customer satisfaction desired without addressing the injury to the driver as well as the repair of the vehicle. This is why at Quindell we have designed our insurance solutions and supply chains to address the full end to end cycle, with the ability and expertise to treat an injured party as well as repairing their vehicle. This makes Quindell a truly unique proposition for the insurance industry today.

With a clear understanding that having the best products and services on offer is not always enough and that getting your customers to use or adopt them is key, effective conversion lies at the core of our unique ICE tools and techniques. Using these solutions Quindell has helped its customers achieve sales and service conversion rates ranging from 75% to 90%, way above industry norms. But life does not stand still, and complacency can kill any business, so the embedded ICE continual improvement focus of our Learning Solutions is at the heart of all we offer. Using our industry insight and expertise, Quindell takes the holistic view of our customer’s challenges.

Our underlying business process management technology platforms have been designed in a modular way and can be deployed individually or as part of a full service proposition in a Technology Enabled Business Process Outsourcing, Software as a Service or traditional license on premise model. This allows each client to choose those elements of technology and service best suited to address their own organisational challenges.